Poll Before The Art Contest!

Hello everyone! There is only 10 short day’s left till the art contest starts! This isn’t advertising or anything, but go here if you still want to enter and register! (Keep in mind, this will be the final time I say this, so listen up…if you do not have an entry image ready or will not have had it sent before August 17th, you will not be able to participate in this contest…that is all.) Now, onward to the Poll!

In Pokémon games, which one of these Pokémon types gives you a harder time?


There you have it people! Vote to your hearts content! The winner of this poll will have a special article planned in the future. So vote wisely and know that when you do so, it will help Pokémon Gamer’s Blog’s future!

~Shadow Luigi


3 Responses to “Poll Before The Art Contest!”

  1. grass i guess.. fire doesnt hurt my water pokemon, and water isnt effective against them :}

  2. fire I think. After all, Turtwig was my biggest Pokemon and hes weak to it :/ .

  3. Tied. Dang. If this keeps up–the decision will have to resort to default!

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