Dialga & Palkia Nintendo DS Lite

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Gamestop has revealed that the formerly Japanese exclusive DS Lite Featuring Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl will be released outside of Japan sometime “soon” . The DS Lite is black, with gold and silver outlines of Palkia and Dialga. Gamestop says that the DS Lite will be sold in a bundle package, including a carrying case and an exclusive Gamestop poster featuring Grovyle.

Release date (North America): August 17th

~Shadow Luigi


8 Responses to “Dialga & Palkia Nintendo DS Lite”

  1. thats cool looking. i perfer white, then pink, but black is nice too

  2. I prefer Black, Pink, then White. I don’t exactly care if all the girls have Pink DS’s, its a good colour. And its much less of an stereo-type then.

  3. It just got a release date of August 17th…same day as the art contest. you might want to add the date to the article.

  4. Oh yes, right away. Thanks for the informative information. You shall be put on my soon-to-exist Credit’s Page. And maybe win yourself a neat little image. 😉

  5. Gravemind Says:

    Interesting. A little late, though. Shouldn’t this have come out a little earlier, say, with the game?? That seems a little more… smart.

  6. There was a White DS Lite when Diamond/Pearl first came out. But they finally made a Black one! Also, Gravemind, you woulndn’t mind entering my Art Contest would you..? Just go check a couple posts back.

  7. they are releasing this because of Platinum…which is coming out soon.

  8. Any information Saint hrm? The more you supply us with the more credit you will obtain. Not that its a bribe or anything >_> .

    Oh—and by the way. I recently got this DS Lite. Its wonderful!

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