Pokémon Emerald Elite Four

It’s been awhile since I made an review from Emerald. I felt as though I was being a bit…lazy. Well here we have it.

The Elite Four in Pokémon Emerald has to be one of the most detailed and hardest things to describe. So Its going to be hard to think exactly…how to start. So allow me to explain some technical information to give you advice on how to beat them—straight from the Official Walk through itself!

Elite Four Battle #1: Sidney

Sidney’s Pokémon:
Mightyena Level: 46
Shiftry Level: 48
Cacturne Level: 46
Crawdaunt Level: 48
Absol Level: 49

Sidney’s Dark-type Pokémon present a formidable challenge unless you have the right kind of Pokémon to offset the onslaught. Fighting-type Moves work best against this team, but if you have no solid Fighting-type Moves to use, use Electric- and Ice-type Moves to at least counteract the secondary type of Sidney’s Pokémon. For example, a good shot of TM34 (Thunderbolt) will do heavy damage to Sharpedo’s ample HP. Considering that Sidney’s team is the lowest level you will encounter in the Elite Four challenge, use it as a measuring stick of your abilities. If you struggle during this contest, you may need to forfeit the competition for now and head into Hoenn to gain more experience.

Elite Four Battle #2: Phoebe

Phoebe’s Pokémon:
Dusclops Level: 49
Dusclops Level: 51
Banette Level: 49
Banette Level: 49
Sableye Level: 50

Ghost-type Pokémon are a challenge if you do not have a high-level Ghost-type Pokémon to counteract their spooky moves. Dark-type Moves also work well against the majority of this group, save for Sableye. At Level 50, this Sableye bears none of the weakness of the other Pokémon in this tier. The contest may turn into a battle of attrition, where you keep laying on the same-type moves and using recovery items, hoping that you can pull off a Critical Hit that turns the tables in your favor.

Elite Four Battle #3: Glacia

Glacia’s Pokémon:
Glalie Level: 50
Sealeo Level: 50
Sealeo Level: 52
Glalie Level: 52
Walrein Level: 53

Fire-type Moves would normally ruin an Ice-oriented team, but four of Glacia’s five Pokémon have secondary Water types, which undo the effectiveness of the attack. If you have  strong Fighting- or Rock-type Moves, use them, but your best weapon in this contest is an Electric-type Pokémon, such as Minun.

Elite Four Battle #4: Drake

Drake’s Pokémon:
Shelgon Level: 52
Altaria Level: 54
Flygon Level: 53
Kingdra Level: 53
Salamence Level: 55

The contest is made up of Dragon-type Pokémon, which is difficult to beat unless you have some strong Ice-moves. Heavy Ice attacks do double the damage on Flygon, because its secondary type is Ground. Electric-type Moves also help bring down the Flying Dragon-type Pokémon, such as Salamence and Altaria.

Champion Battle: Wallace

Wallace’s Pokémon:
Tentacruel Level: 55
Wailord Level: 57
Gyarados Level: 56
Whiscash Level: 56
Milotic Level: 58

Wallace has some high-level Pokémon, but they all share a common weakness: Electric-type Moves. If you have at least one Pokémon with some strong Electric-type Moves, it will be easy to undo this team. However, if your Electric-type Moves are out of PP, you will have difficulty. Keep an Elixir on hand to restore PP in case you run out mid battle.

And if you succeed…congratulations Pokémon Master! You’ve cleared all the Gym Leader’s and finally concurred the Elite Four! Now that’s it for technical Information—time for some real information explaining these character’s!


Sidney was always the go-getter. An upright fellow who stops at nothing but to make a quick laugh. And he isn’t a bad sport either. In fact, when you defeat him he say’s, “Well listen what this loser has to say, advance to the next room and enjoy yourself!”


Phoebe trained her Pokémon on MT. Pyre. She apparently communicated with the sprits of Pokémon there and learned many things as time came to pass. She always preferred the more… “Exotic” part of living.


Glacia is a knowledgeable, old women who trains Ice-type Pokémon. She claims she didn’t once have a decent challenge—but yet once you defeat her, she say’s, “Such talent and mastery that I did not yet notice. No wonder my icy skills failed to harm you.”


Drake is also a knowledgeable one. He knows many about the land as he honed his skills training with Pokémon. He was a pirate (as still is) that relayed on Dragon-type Pokémon to make it around the cold seas. He asks you if you have the true talent to be a Pokémon Trainer, if you beat him correctly… He say’s, “Superb, it should be said”.


Wallace is a masterful Pokémon Champion who was trained by his mentor, Juan. Him and Juan both use Water-type Pokémon, and both dance elegantly in their superb skills. They are also quite fond of a good…fashion sence. In Ruby or Sapphire, Steven is actually the Champion. But in Emerald however, Wallace is the Champion.

Well this was all the information I could prosper and gather to write this article. I hope you enjoyed this. It felt good to write another long article ^_^ .

~Shadow Luigi


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