60,000 Hits! (And our 60th post!)

Well, I was originally going to post this when we first got to Six-Thousand Hits, but it appears I’ve been away to long and its almost 70,000 hits! I might also include that this is our 60th post! What a lucky thing. Anyway, I apologize if I haven’t been on here—or anywhere for that matter. I haven’t got the chance to gain access to computer you might say. I’ve been busy. And I hope to update more then usual. Anyway, back to the original post.

Yes, Pokémon Gamer’s Blog has successfully reached 60,000 hits as I stated earlier. This clearly has to do with our hit counts; we receive at least 500 hits a day from most of my pages, affiliates, search engines, etc. And I’m very proud of myself that I could prosper to make such a active blog. And I can’t let myself stop here. As of tomorrow, I will update the Pokémon Emerald Pokédex and I’ll make sure I update besides me just saying that.

And I am greatly proud that I, and other staff members already made it to 60 posts total! And with that, speaking of posts, I will indeed submit the “Your Pokémon Team” post. And after I’m done with those to, I’m thinking of restarting my Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness so I can get back to my chronicle posts.

That is all. I hope you continue to visit often. =)

~Shadow Luigi


4 Responses to “60,000 Hits! (And our 60th post!)”

  1. Congrats on your continued success! ^_^

  2. cool. lucky that the numbers match.. means the sites gaining popularity fast ^_^

  3. congradulations! the cool thing is, you haven’t even been open that long 😛 .

  4. Yeah, thanks for that. I’m greatly proud of it all.

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