Your Pokémon Team!

Yes yes, a suggestion from Matthew Thief and Saint of Swords and a fine one at that! Here you simply fill out your Pokémon team you’ve used throughout these games below:

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl:
Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire:
Pokémon Emerald:
Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green:
Pokémon Yellow/Blue/Red:
Pokémon Gold/Silver:

Yes, as you see above you are to fill out your Pokémon Team from the remaining games you own out of these categories. A fun thing indeed. I shall post mine later.

~Shadow Luigi


32 Responses to “Your Pokémon Team!”

  1. …no one is willing to start~? Well then. I suppose I should give a demonstration.

    Pokémon Diamond: Absol, Lucario, Ninetails, Kingdra, Metagross, Dusknoir

    Pokémon Emerald: Manectric, Mightyena, Sceptile

    And no, I OWN the other games. I just don’t play them that often. 😉

  2. i nicknamed all of them so this is gonna be hard to remembr what their called..


    ice eevee
    starlly(last form)
    shellos(last form)
    dragonti(2nd form)

    >< SL, please translate for me

  3. You almost got all of them right. Here’s the correct terms:


    And a fine team that is.

  4. In Diamond and Pearl, I had the pokemon,






    and Frosslass.

    I tried my very best to balance my team. And I raised every single one from level 1. No Iron, or Calcium, or other strengtheners. They were all natural. However, only Salamence, Torterra, and Empoleon managed to reach level 100, because I lost my gamepack after that, and I just quit.

  5. the ice version of eevee is glaceon…vaporeon is the water type….

    and my team on diamond is:
    ………not in that order….and only Empoleon and Tyranitar are level 100……im workin on it

  6. Umm…Zero, I know that the Ice Version is Glaceon, but Dark Pristess’s version is actually the Water-type one. She must have gotten them confused.

  7. Well, here’s my teams:

    Pearl: Infernape, Lucario, Palkia, Staraptor, Luxray, Alakazam.

    Emerald: Blaziken, Rayquaza, Latias, Salamence, Swellow, Metagross.

    Ruby: Blaziken, Groudon, Gardevoir, Swellow, Sharpedo, Zangoose.

    Leafgreen: Charizard, Starmie, Pidgeot, Alakazam, Articuno, Zapdos.

    Gold/Silver: Typhlosion, Pidgeot, Ampharos, Ho-oh, Dragonite, Gyarados.

    Yellow: Raichu, Pidgeot, Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Alakazam.

    Yes, I like fire startes, any problem?? ;D

  8. Not at all, Fire is bad when you firstly begin, but later on they will give you a huge advantage.

  9. oh yeah.. he is a water eevee.. i gave him a ice move and that threw me

  10. Don’t worry, DP, that little thing has a total of 7 evolutions… It’s just not fair with the not so interested fans. I pick Fire types because they have really good techniques, good stas all-around, give you advantage against most of the late Gyms and Elite Four, and you can’t find a decent Fire type except the starters most of the time. ¬¬

  11. Diamond/Pearl:charizard,ampharos, umbreon,crobat,dragonite, bliseey
    Emerald:(same as ruby/saphire)
    Fire Red/Leaf Green:charizard,venusaur,blastoise,nidkoing,pidgeot,tyranitar
    Yellow/Blue/Red:(same as fire red/leaf green
    Gold/Silver:lugia,steelix,lapras,espeon,ampharos ,and blissey

  12. Tyranitar is obviously a very popular Pokémon amongst the fans that play it. I would consider getting one, if of course it wouldn’t have to be rigged to be a Female (F).

  13. do you have a picture of Tyranitar here?

  14. labby89080696 Says:

    For Leafgreen:
    Pikachu lv:50
    Hitmonchan lv:56
    Ninetails lv:55
    Victribell lv:56
    Suicune lv:60
    Mr. Mime lv:57

  15. I have pokemon diamond so here goes… Infernape Floatzel Glaceon Skarmory Salamence Luxray Please rate my team Shadow Luigi, Thanks

    Oh yeah…um heres my emerald team…


  16. To my point of view, your Pokémon Diamond Team appears to be one that has significant agility, I commend you. However, it seems to be lacking in Defense, but you shouldn’t be worrying about that now. That is how things always turn out. Unless you are using Legendary’s, which I find frustratingly cheating.

    And your Emerald team is remarkable. Salamence is the best Pokémon you have with you I should think.


  17. Thanks…

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  19. Anyways, Iwas hoping if you could give me a suggestion for my Special Tank Glaceon’s moveset…

    I would be very gratefull…

  20. Oh? Is that all… Well fine. A good well-balanced moveset would probably be something like this:

    Ice Beam
    Aerial Ace

    If you wish for another suggestion, be my guest.

  21. Thanks Shadow Luigi…

    Oh yeah, um Ijust got pokemon Red as a X-mas gift and um heres my team so far


  22. Pretty good for Pokémon Red. It looks like a properly built team. However, I’ve never played that game. So I probably wouldn’t know that much. However, I know the Pokémon, and I never get Pokémon messed up.

  23. Supershocker Says:

    my diamond/pearl team
    -MAGMORTAR lv 93 (lava plume,fireblast,solarbeam,sunnyday)
    -URSARINGlv 87(hyperbeam,slash,hammer arm,thrash)
    TORTERRA lv 100(frenzyplant,leafstorm,earthquake,energyball)
    CROBAT lv 100(fly,airslash,defog,hyperbeam)

  24. Supershocker Says:

    My Emerald team
    -BRELOOM Lv 85 (Machpunch,dynamic punch,rocksmash,gigadrain)
    -ALTARIA lv 87(Dragondance,dragonbreath,fly,aerialace)
    -DUSCLOPS lv 89(shadowball,curse,earthquake,scaryface)
    -LINOONE lv 92(Hyperbeam,surf,facade,cut)
    -MANECTRIC lv 98(thunder,secretpower,thunderbolt,shockwave)
    -SWAMPERT lv 100(blizzard,earthquake,hydropump,waterfall)

  25. Oh yeah, I just switched my pokemon emerald team araound so here we go again…

    Sceptile [Special Sweeper]
    Salamence [Physical Sweeper]
    Milotic [Special Tank]
    Skarmory [Physical Wall/Annoyer]
    Arcanine [Mixed Sweeper]
    Aggron [Physical Tank]

    Well, ya see I try to balance my weaknesses and always fit a salamence into my team. And can you rate my salamences moveset? Its:

    Dragon Dance
    Dragon Claw

    Thanks Shadow Luigi…

  26. The Power Points (PP) of Salamence’s moveset will run out to quickly. I have had that same exact moveset for my own, Salamence. And it gave me an handicap because it’s PP moves ran out to fast. True, it’s moveset currently is powerful; if you intend to fight multiple Pokémon, I suggest switching it out half-way through.

  27. Yeah I know but I don’t intend to use it that much because I keep it like a secret weapon

  28. Umm… SL, is this a good moveset for aggron?

    Rock Slide
    Ice Punch
    Brick Break

  29. It looks well. Once it is(if not already) level 100, it should battle most proficiently.

  30. um.. SL could u give me a special wall moveset for my cresselia with Psychic in it?

  31. Why don’t you try and think it out yourself? I cannot play your game for you. You would be more fulfilled if you think of your own movesets on your own. Technically speaking, I do not know 100% if these movesets I am picking out for you would work to be superb. It all depends on the player’s strategy. For example, you could have a well-balanced moveset like Psychic, Confuse Ray, Water Pulse, and Light Screen, but even if you would depend on my advice; I know not of your current situation. Only for my assumptions could I help you. If you want to continue asking me questions, I would be more then happy to help. However… as I said before, I would not know your current situation.

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