209,319 hits!!!!

Oh my…whoa. I checked my hits today and I got about 100,000 some hits!!! Awesome! I–I am speechless! I have no idea where these hits came from. This is…odd. Yesterday, I had about 75,000 hits, but such a huge jump forward…ahh…this is amazing! I’ve been wanting to make a new page, and I will do just that. Who knows, it might encourage some more people to visit.

~Shadow Luigi


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  1. That’s it! SL, congratulations on all your hits! It’s all thanks to your hard work and love for games that made it happen! I’m proud of being a member of this site crew. Any help you need with making it better, ask me, and I’ll do my best!

  2. Almost at 300,000 already. Heh.

  3. Ok, let’s not rush things, agreed? ;D But don’t worry, from what I see, you’ll get to it really soon!

    OMG! I just saw it! over 300 thousand!!!!!

  4. Yes…it’s truly unbelievable. But it is here after all. Also, I’m thinking of turning all of my Official Art into Gallarys. But when I first started my Official Art, I didn’t name them thier real names. I instead used names like 1, 2, 3, and so on, and so on. But, I will try and rename thier names (which is a pain, I’ll have to re-upload them all over again).

  5. Don’t do it if it’s gonna take too much of you. But since it’s you, you’re gonna do it anyways, and I think it’ll be good.

  6. Only there is one tiny problem. I have no more sorce to where I should find Official Art. The sorce I was getting it from is now deleted; it doesn’t exist anymore.

  7. OMG! I hate it. It happened to me, but it was for a school paperwork… I said so many bad things…

  8. Is that so? Mm. Still, I wonder where I should find my Official Art now. I have to many, “project’s” to do you might say. But hopefully, I sent an e-mail to someone (I’ve said this many times) and hopefully they can supply me with the Official Art I need.

  9. great artwork

  10. Much obliged. Bev. 🙂

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