Pokémon Platinum (Caution, Spoiler’s)

This will be a little review of Pokémon Platinum. I don’t exactly know to much about it but I do know a few things that is going to happen in the game. If you are interested and are willing to see future gameplay, then press “Read More”. But if not, then don’t view this. I do not want anyone to be spoiled unless its thier own will.Now, on to the update of the Future Release, “Pokémon Platinum”. I haven’t been updating much about this but I haven’t had the time. However, I think you will find this information interesting. I have a few images of Pokémon Platinum and I will show them now:

The Torn World.

The “Torn World” is Giratina’s home. Giratina can be seen fully in this world. But in the Sinnoh Region, it can only be seen half of what it really looks like. The Torn World is a backwards, bizarre, twisted world beyond human comprehension. When you are in Torn World, you often walk on walls and tall ceilings. And if you look down, it looks like a never ending abyss of darkness. I would imagine there would be different Pokémon there to be caught, but I’m not 100% sure however. Also, about the Torn World, I believe in the Sinnoh Region, the “Spear Pillar” holds both Dialga and Palkia. Not just one or the other. But the Spear Pillar, is the door to the Torn World. But however, the key lies hidden. A big battle with Giratina takes place there. And Team Galactic is once again up to no good. So you should look forward to that as well.

More Information.

This is another preview of Pokémon Platinum in Japanese. This proves that Pokémon Platinum will get released soon enough to the U.S. or North America. Which is good news.

This was all the information I could gather currently. I’ll keep looking for more information to keep you all informed. =P

~Shadow Luigi


5 Responses to “Pokémon Platinum (Caution, Spoiler’s)”

  1. good article. Platinum doesn’t have a release date yet, but I hear it actualy raised the popularity of the DS Lite in Japan, so it must be a good game.

  2. I think it would be. Since like a said a couple posts ago, it would be like Emerald with Ruby and Sapphire. In Emerald, you can get all the Pokémon from those two games except for just a few. I wonder if that’s what they are going to do in Pokémon Platinum.

  3. interesting.. the other world sounds cool ^_^

  4. Very interesting, SL! Great article, even if short. I guess that it’ll be like Yellow, Crystal and Emerald. They all had almost all the pokémon of their time, except a dozen or so. I would be so scared of looking at a never ending abyss… And Giratina looks really cool!

  5. Yeah, it’s definitely something you wouldn’t want to fall into. >__> But I think you can fall down into it in the actual game.

    And that’s what Giratina looks like in his full-form. He can’t be seem normally in the Sinnoh Region.

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