Update: September 30th 2008

I suppose its the time to update. Everybody ready for this one?

Well, more then you know, allot of things have been coming up. And I have seriously been pretty busy with my life. I haven’t had the time to update most of the things I said I was going to. But, I have managed to do some things beneficial to my blog still. Which, indefinitely, is good.

If you want to know what those particular things are, I am in the process of making a Forum for Pokémon Gamer’s Blog. I also, am quite busy trying to find Official Art. Hopefully, an e-mail I’ve sent to somebody I know can help. But I don’t think that will be the solution to this problem. I am meaning to re-upload all of my Official Art and turn them into Gallarys. Which, should be interesting because 1, region of Official Art, contains 150 images, to be re-uploaded. But anyway, I’m sure you know what Gallarys are, if not, then I’ll explain. Gallarys allow you to post in images as if it’s like an actual post. So for example; if you click on one of the Official Art’s, there will be a post box on the bottom, it is actually quite simple, but not for the Webmaster. =P

Problem is: I have no real source to where I should find the Official Art. Right now, I’m going to do it in order, Kanto – Johto- Hoenn – Sinnoh. So as you would imagine, I’m starting with the Kanto Official Art, which just so happens to be un-locatable online. Anywhere I look no one has it, rather, even if I search for them nothing comes up. So, yeah, I think I’m going to have to depend on that e-mail I sent. Time will certainly tell.

Now, I said very little information about my Forum in progress. Well it’s name is Pokéball Central, and I’m still working on it. I still have to edit many details and options. After all, that’s what makes an original Forum, an original Forum.

On to Affiliates, as for the number we’ve received this month: #0. Now now, that isn’t such a bad thing. After all, not everyone gets 1/3 Affiliates a month. 😉

Well that’s pretty much it. I’m trying to think what I should post in my Article’s next. But I haven’t been able to think of anything. So if you’d like, suggestions are open.

~Shadow Luigi


7 Responses to “Update: September 30th 2008”

  1. gee, I know of an affiliate that was deleted 😛

    Congrats on your hits, before you know it you’ll get up to a million!

  2. the gallery sounds cool, how long before it is up btw?

  3. Probably…well…as soon as I can gain access to the Official Art I need. That could be anywhere to 7 weeks to 7 Months. But I doubt it wil take that long.

  4. why dont you just get up what you can? instead of official art 1 name it [region name] official art

  5. and your site doesnt freeze me up anymore!

    anyways good luck with all your projects 🙂 .

  6. @ Dark Pristess -: I might try that. I’ll need a little help from Saint of course. 😉

    @ Saint of Sword’s -: Yeah, I know. I took that Box.net File Sharing Widget off and it’s as good as knew. Also, thanks for the heads up. Though I think you are going to have to help me too you know.

  7. “Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Alma, available November 10 in America. ”

    Info released at Nintendo’s fall conferance.

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