Pokéspecial: Super Mario Galaxy

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Well that’s it, now, it’s time to begin on to Super Mario Galaxy!

(There are some mild spoilers in this Article, generally Mario games have not much to be spoiled of, but just incase, spoilers.)

Super Mario Galaxy is a fun 3D action game. With the Wii Nunchuk and Wii-Remote you control where Mario goes to collect Stars. This game is pretty much Super Mario 64© but has better Graphics, Plot, Capabilities, and much, much more. I believe there is the maximum amount of 220 Stars you can collect. If you do get all of them and win the game, something special happens. But I’ll explain that later into the Article.

When you first start Super Mario Galaxy, Mario is living in peace with Peach at the Castle. But one day, an invasion sent by Bowser captured Princess Peach, and Bowser threatened Mario saying that he was going to rule the Galaxy–no…the entire cosmos! Mario sets off to chase after him but ends up on a strange planet. A planet where Mario first meets a Luma.
(Click to enlarge)

The picture you see above this is indeed a Luma, but not just any ordinary Luma, this one follows you around and aids Mario on his journey. Like for an instance, the ‘Spin Swirl’ move. With the help of this little Luma, he helps you spin Mario around, one of THEE most important way to defeat enemies’ in the game. And, with his help you can take the Wii-Remote and use it’s cursor to collect Star Bit’s. Star Bit’s are a little help to you, but you will want to collect many. Star Bit’s are favored by Luma’s everywhere. It is their most favorite food because they taste like honey. You will find Star Bit’s in tiny crystals, gained after defeating enemies’, shooting out of the sky, and even find them floating in the air far away. Star Bit’s can be shot by Mario to temporally stun enemies’, or you can trade them in to Hungry Luma’s (which you will encounter in the later game) and if you feed them enough, they will open a new Galaxy where Mario can then finally get another Star!

There are many other different colored Luma’s as there are different colored Power Star’s (click to enlarge below):

They all represent their own Star’s, except for the Blue one. Those Star’s they represent are the Secret Star’s, Red Star’s and finally the Shadow Star. Your Galaxy’s are filled with all sorts of creatures, but especially, Luma’s.

In Super Mario Galaxy, there are 4 different kinds of Stars; Normal Stars, Secret Stars, Red Stars, and Comet Stars. 

Normal Stars are normal Yellow Stars you find normally in every different Galaxy.

Secret Stars are Green colored stars that are somewhat difficult to find. They are usually hidden in some Galaxy’s that you’ve already been to before. But you can tell because after you think you’ve completed the Galaxy and obtained all of it’s stars, you’re wrong. Because afterwards, there should be a Star Marker with a shaded out Star with a question mark on it.

Red Stars, or, “Star” I might add, can only be found in a Secret area outside of the normal galaxy’s. Red Star’s don’t always add up to the total Star’s you already have, instead, they give you the ability to float or fly!

Comet Star’s are special Star’s that can only be manipulated into coming if you feed a “Comet Luma” Star Bit’s you come across. There are several Comet Star’s that come, those ones are Daredevil comets, Quickspeed comets, Fast Foe comets, and last but not least, the Purple comet. The meanings to these comets, well, you’ll have to play it and find out yourself.

There is the maximum amount of 220 Stars you can collect. If you do get all of them and win the game, something special happens. What you ask? Well it’s quite simple. After finally completing the game and collecting all 220 Star’s, Luigi is playable in Super Mario Galaxy! He’s faster, he leaps much wider and longer, and he skids when he stops. But I’ll let you know, Luigi can get a total of 221 Star’s! The last one is in an hidden location that only our man in green, Luigi can reach! Plus, once you do complete it, you get a special message sent to your Wii Message Boards! Congratulating you for all of your hard efforts! Isn’t that something?

Well, I hope this Article helped you to know the definition of Super Mario Galaxy. I hope you enjoyed this Article, look for more Pokéspecial’s! But they may not always be written by me alone you know.

-Shadow Luigi

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  1. cool. i like the black luma. its cute :3

  2. good article. I want to play this soon…I think they should have made the star bits more useful though.

  3. I don’t get it at ALL, but awesome!!!
    Is this some kind of review? :confused:

  4. Yes, it is a review if you look on top. Pokéspecial’s natually are reviews, except they can be donated by anyone.

    Also, thanks. 🙂

  5. Wait… Aren’t there only 121 stars? O.o 221 seems a bit excessive… And wrong… 😛

  6. …Ahh, I was pretty sure it was 221. But you could have a point.

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