Remade & Remasted: Poll #1

I’ve been meaning to post one of these. And I’m finally getting to it! This Poll was originally a Poll to state “Which starter Pokémon Diamond/Pearl Pokémon did you use on your first playthrough?”. And that’s exactly what this one is!

I’ll be awaiting your votes.

-Shadow Luigi

6 Responses to “Remade & Remasted: Poll #1”

  1. i used Chimchar. he didnt make it to 3rd tier though >>

  2. I managed to get my Turtwig to a Torterra. However, not on my first playthrough. He was but a wee Grotle. O_O

  3. I used Turtwig…and couldnt stand how slow he was : / . he kept getting slaughtered by bosses. poooor thing. kinda.

  4. my monkey didnt do so well late game =~

  5. sounds like the three starters are useless. makes sence I guess…for nintendos standards. the first thing you get must be without use as compared to later obtained items/characters/abilitys.

  6. Absolutely right. I couldn’t agree more. The Three Starter Pokémon only excel in 1 thing; and the lack of the other stats is their greatest weakness. For example:

    Torterra excels in Defense and Attack, however lacks in Speed. The rest of it’s stats are just so-so.

    Infernape excels in Speed and Attack, however lacks Defense. His overall stats aren’t to great.

    Empoleon excels in Special Attack and Special Defense. However lacks most of it’s other stats,

    ^ These are just my points of view. Unless of course you stuff them silly with Protein’s or Iron’s.

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