Plain as day; what is your favorite Pokémon?

You know…I should have posted something like this awhile ago. But at least I am about to post it now. Yes, your favorite Pokémon out of many, which one is yours? Out of all 450+ Pokémon, which is your absolute favorite? And by favorite I do not mean by favorite powerful Pokémon. No. I mean by favorite over-all Pokémon!

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-Shadow Luigi

10 Responses to “Plain as day; what is your favorite Pokémon?”

  1. Arceus. It may seem normal for that, but I don’t like Arceus for is legendary status.

    Overall, he is powerful, and can adapt to any situation. With the power of plates, he can change his type ; his signature move also changes with him, adding a STAB* bonus.

    Arceus, of course, being an event Pokemon, is not available to the public. In fact, he hasn’t been released officially yet. Do look at the Pokedex, as they don’t have him on there.

    Why did I refer to Arceus as a he, though? I do not know, it comes to me naturally. (He is genderless, so I should call him “it”).


  2. Man, I’ve been meaning to get Arceus but you need a Gameshark if I recall correctly. And that would most certainly give me a bad reputation…

    Also welcome Jake. By the http address in your name, it looks like you are from Zelda Temple! =D Have fun and look around, I’ll be doing some new things soon enough.

  3. i like skitty best, cause shes a little pink cat =P

  4. I’ll go with geodude =D !

  5. My favorite pokemon would have to pidgeot hands down. I’ve always had a love for bird pokemon and it’s a stage 2 pokemon.

  6. Pidgeot, i know when you first see Pidgy thinking it doesnt like fighting and doesnt go along well with flying attacks at the start but if you evolve it into Pidgeot youd know what i mean (train it without cheats) loyal, powerfull pokemon and super cool man..:p i like generation 4 of pidgeot.

  7. I like Bulbasaur. I used to like Ditto, until I read this great interview with Bulbasaur:

  8. Ninetails. hands down

  9. Ditto isn’t very effective, it really depends on the Pokémon it’s mimicking. Am I right?

    Well yes, Ninetails is a very likable Pokémon…yet, I have yet to have raised my own yet. It’s still a level 30 Vulpix. Unfortunately.

    Note: To all those who have joined and posted, welcome to Pokémon Gamer’s Blog. Feel free to look around, the content for this site is still imcomplete–however that doesn’t mean that no content exists at all. Also, a new post will be written soon: look for it.

  10. uberzeldamaster Says:

    … Eevee. Or more specifically, his evolutions. Depending on what you need, you can just breed seven eevee’s and you’ll be all set for types. However, there move range is limited.

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