1.) No swearing allowed. That means if you let your members swear, if your staff swears, or if you swear, you will not be able to affiliate with us.

2.) No unethical/illegal/indecent content. If anything that fits under these categories or any similar categories is found on your site you will not be allowed to affiliate with us.

3.) Your site must be at the very most PG. I will not affiliate with a site whose contents exceed this limit.

4.) Keep our link on the same page as others. If you link to Pokémon Gamer’s Blog do not put us in a tucked away area of your site. The odds of anyone clicking our link in such a out of the way area are slim to none and as such we will not benefit from affiliating with you.

5.) Pokémon Gamer’s Blog has the right to remove any affiliate without any notice.

6.) You must link to us as well. If our link/button isn’t up on your site within a week the affiliation will be canceled.

7.) You must update your Blog/Site at least every week, if you exceed the limit of a week or so, we will have to disaffiliate with you.

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate on Pokémon Gamer’s blog E-mail me at Make sure you mark the E-mail “About Affiliation”.

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Some of these buttons are credited by: Dstcoyote, Matthew Thief, Saint of Sword’s  



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