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Downtime: (temporary)

Posted in Announcement, Down Time on December 12, 2008 by Elven Warrior
I will need some time for future references, so I decided to take some time off for myself. So there will not be a new updated post for awhile. I hope to at least write a few more Articles and Posts pertaining to Pokémon and other related facts, such as Pokéspecials, Gym Leader Reviews (remade and remasted), Site Updates, and any other miscellaneous updates or objectives I hope to accomplish. I just wanted to inform my viewers. Also, stranger posts will still be held under moderation: I will do my best to moderate these posts as soon as possible. That would be all.

-Shadow Luigi

209,319 hits!!!!

Posted in Announcement, Pages on September 20, 2008 by Elven Warrior
Oh my…whoa. I checked my hits today and I got about 100,000 some hits!!! Awesome! I–I am speechless! I have no idea where these hits came from. This is…odd. Yesterday, I had about 75,000 hits, but such a huge jump forward…ahh…this is amazing! I’ve been wanting to make a new page, and I will do just that. Who knows, it might encourage some more people to visit.

~Shadow Luigi

“Remade and Remastered”

Posted in Announcement, Other, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon on August 2, 2008 by Elven Warrior

The thought of this just came to mind yesterday. I thought about this awhile ago but wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. But I have decided! Continue reading

Update July 30th

Posted in Announcement, Blogroll, Contests, Pages, Site Updates on July 30, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello once again. Time for another of our monthly updates to keep you informed with what’s been going on around here! Continue reading


Posted in Announcement, Down Time on July 10, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello visitors. This week I will be taking a short vacation from content adding… Continue reading

Urgent Article (Non-Pokémon Relative)

Posted in Announcement, My life on June 6, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Okay everybody listen up. I have rather disturbing news. Continue reading

Poll Winner: Sprites page

Posted in Announcement on April 30, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Yes the Pokémon Emerald Sprites have been decided to be put up! Here’s the link! Continue reading

Interruption in the Official Art

Posted in Announcement on April 21, 2008 by Elven Warrior

There is a big problem pertaining to My blog since WordPress updated this little feature… Continue reading

Update Feb 8

Posted in Announcement on February 8, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello everyone. well. this article is about the new things about Pokémon gamers blog. 🙂 Continue reading