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Update: September 30th 2008

Posted in Content, Site Updates on September 30, 2008 by Elven Warrior

I suppose its the time to update. Everybody ready for this one? Continue reading


Article Suggestions

Posted in Other, Site Updates on August 26, 2008 by Elven Warrior
Excuse me viewers. I have been busier then usual lately and I apologize for my absence. But I felt the need to update but then the thought came, “What should I update about?” My mind is a blank, and this would not be good if I can’t even think of an article. Any suggestions?

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Update July 30th

Posted in Announcement, Blogroll, Contests, Pages, Site Updates on July 30, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello once again. Time for another of our monthly updates to keep you informed with what’s been going on around here! Continue reading

Future Release: Pokémon Platinum

Posted in General Pokémon, New Release's, Site Updates on July 11, 2008 by Elven Warrior
*Spits coffee out of his mouth* Wh-whoa! A new release! I guess I’ll have to pack up the Beach supplies because there’s a new Pokémon game that will soon be released in Japan! Pokémon Platinum was announced a few days ago on “E3”. But now this game will soon be released in Japan! The release date in Japan currently is September 13th 2008! It appears Nintendo finally got to working on a new Pokémon game! How joyous it is for me to hear it! As for more information click more.

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Update June 27

Posted in Blogroll, Contests, General Pokémon, Site Updates on June 27, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello everyone. Time for another monthly update. Continue reading

Hoenn Official Art & Widget Sidebar

Posted in Site Updates on June 17, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello! I have good news! First I’d like to announce that as soon as I deleted my last article the Widgets went back to normal. =P I guess I would be needing WordPress now! And secondly for good news is… Continue reading

Update June 3rd

Posted in Site Updates on June 3, 2008 by Elven Warrior

Hello, I will post this monthly update on Pokémon Gamer’s Blog. This will explain why I am so busy to begin with… Continue reading