Pokemon Diamond Key Items

NOTE : This page pertains to the Pokemon Diamond video game.

Azure Flute – Used to open the stairway to Arceus.

Bicycle – Allows the user to travel faster. Gears may be changed with the B button.

Coin Case – Used for storing Game Coins for the Game Corner.

Coupon 1 – 3 – Used to get the Poketch.

Explorer Kit – Used to dig Underground.

Fashion Case – Used to store accessories for use on Pokemon in contests.

Galactic Key – Used to open Team Galaxy Headquarters.

Good Rod – Catches better Pokemon than an Old Rod.

Journal – Used to record the gamer’s last five achievements.

Lunar Wing – Used to save the sailor’s child in Canalave.

Member Card – A 50 year old key. Used to access the motel in Canalave, and lets you battle Darkrai.

Oak’s Letter – A letter from Prof. Oak. To be taken to Route 224. Allows you to battle Shaymin.

Old Charm – An ancient item to be delivered to the elders in Celetic Town.

Old Rod – Catches low level Pokemon.

Pal Pad – Stores friends’ codes.

Parcel – A package for your enemy.

Poffin Case – Stores Poffins.

Point Card – Records all the Battle points you have achieved from Battle Tower.

Pokeradar – Locates Pokemon in hidden grass.

Seal Case – Stores seals for decorating Pokeballs.

Secret Potion – Used to heal the bunch of Psyduck.

Sprayduck – Used to water Berry Sprouts.

Storage Key – Opens the door to the Team Galaxy Warehouse.

Suite Key – Opens the Grand Lake Hotel.

Super Rod – Hooks Pokemon of higher levels than that of the Good Rod.

Town Map – Displays the region of Sinnoh.

VS Seeker – Shows which trainers want a re-match.

Works Key – Opens the Valley Windworks.

~Mario Mario

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