Pokemon Diamond Miscellaneous Items

Please note that this page is for the POKEMON DIAMOND game. Please reffer to the front page for everything Pokemon Emerald.

Miscellaneous Items


Adamant Orb – To be held by Dialga. Boosts Dragon and Steel-type moves.   

Amulet Coin – Doubles prize money from a victory.

Big Pearl – Sells high.

Big Root – Boosts HP- draining moves.

Black Glasses – Boosts Dark-type moves.

Blue Shard – A small Blue shard.

Charcoal – Boosts Fire-type moves.

Cleanse Tag – Keeps Wild Pokemon away.

Damp Rock – Extends ‘Rain Dance’.

Dawn Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Destiny Knot – If the holder becomes infatuated, so does the foe.

Dread Plate – Boosts Dark-type moves.

Dubious Disc – Evolves Porygon2.

Dusk Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Escape Rope – Allows the user to flee a dungeon immediately.

Everstone – Prevents evolution when held.

Exp. Share – Shares Exp. Points without battling.

Fire Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Fist Plate – Boosts Fighting-type moves.

Full Incense – Slows user.

Green Shard – A small Green shard.

Grip Claw – Extends duration of multi-turn moves.

Growth Mulch – Speeds Berry growth.

Hard Stone – Boosts Rock-type moves.

Heart Scale – A rare Heart-shaped Scale.

Heat Rock – Extends ‘Sunny Day’.

Honey – Attracts wild Pokemon when used in grass, caves, or special trees.

Icicle Plate – Boosts Ice-type moves.

Icy Rock – Extends ‘Hail’.

Insect Plate – Boosts Bug-type moves.

Iron Ball – Cuts speed.

Iron Plate – Boosts Steel-type moves.

Lagging Tail – Makes holder slower.

Lax Incense – Lowers Accuracy

Leaf Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Life Orb – Boosts all moves, but at the cost of HP.

Light Clay – Extends duration of moves such as ‘Light Screen’.

Luck Incense – Doubles prize money after victory.

Magnet – Boosts electric-type moves.

Meadow Plate – Boosts Grass-type moves.

Metronome – Boosts a move that is consecutively used.

Mind Plate – Boosts Psychic-type moves.

Miracle Seed – Boosts Grass-type moves.

Mystic Water – Boosts Water-type moves.

Nevermeltice – Boosts Ice-type moves.

Nugget – Sells high.

Odd Incense – Boosts Psychic-type moves.

Oval Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Pearl –Sells cheap.

Poison Barb – Boosts Poison-type moves.

Protector – Evolves a certain Pokemon.

Razor Claw – Boosts critical-hit ratio

Razor Fang – May cause foe to flinch.

Reaper Cloth – Has a strong spiritual energy. Loved by a certain Pokemon.

Red Shard – A small Red shard.

Rock Incense – Boosts Rock-type moves.

Scope Lens – Boosts critical-hit ratio.

Shed Shell – Allows the user to switch with a waiting Pokemon in battle.

Shiny Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Silver Powder – Boosts Bug-type moves.

Skull Fossil – Fossil from a prehistoric Pokemon.

Sky Plate – Boosts Flying-type moves.

Smoke Ball – Allows the holder to flee encounters without fail.

Smooth Rock – Extends ‘Sandstorm’.

Soft Sand – Boosts Rock-type moves.

Sooth Bell – Rings a comfortable chime.

Spell Tag – Boosts Ghost-type moves.

Splash Plate – Boosts Water-type moves.

Spooky Plate – Boosts Ghost-type moves.

Stardust – Sells high.

Sticky Barb – Latches onto that who touch the holder, and then inflicts damage.

Sun Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Toxic Plate – Boosts Poison-type moves.

Water Stone – Makes certain species of Pokemon evolve.

Wave Incense – Boosts Water-type moves.

Wide Lens – Boosts accuracy.

Yellow Shard – A small Yellow shard.

Zoom Lens – Boosts critical-hit ratio.


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