How to Write or Contribute for this blog

This page is for readers who want to write or contribute to Pokémon Gamer’s Blog. However rules for this follows:

•If you do sign up to be a Author, your Articles/Content/ must be decent and well thought out.

•If you are an Contributor, go to this page to give us new ideas and you will be on our soon-to-be-posted Credit’s Page.

•You may not include any advertising or spam links in your post(s). As of which they will be deleted if so.

•Send me your article’s at and I’ll let your know if it can be posted or not.”

•Agree to listen and obey all of these rules, and obey the Webmaster fairly.

If you think you can follow all of these rules and pass them properly, then you will be able to get started. =)


This page will update from time-to-time, and it would be in my best interest if you could keep checking this page so you could be informed of the new Article Listing Updates.

Current NEW* Article Updates: Pokéspecial’s

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