Pokémon Quiz!

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First off, I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile. Secondly, this is Pokémon Gamer’s Blog’s first ever Quiz! This is to test your knowledge of facts and Pokémon! So be prepaired. Continue reading


Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness; Chapter II: Spoink’s Pearl

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Yes yes, I’ve been playing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorer’s of Time/Darkness again, except I restarted my game for my Chronicle’s. Except this time before I get anywhere, if you remember in the previous Chronicle: ‘Chapter I: The Beginning‘ I made the Hero and the Hero’s partner be Torchic and Totodile. Well this well not stand. As for people will get confused and wonder, “Are those Pokémon the only playable’s?” and that will completely contradict everything these Chronicle’s stand for. What is the reason it stands for you ask? It’s purpose is to interest people into getting this game and enjoy it more.

These Chronicle’s are to supply information to people who are eager, if not interested in this game. So bottom line: We will use the names ‘Hero’ or ‘Partner’ when necessary. Just letting you know. Now, on to the real thing!

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Nintendo DSi

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This information was found and credited by: Fire Emblem Blog. Continue reading

Update: September 30th 2008

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I suppose its the time to update. Everybody ready for this one? Continue reading

Pokémon Platinum (Caution, Spoiler’s)

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This will be a little review of Pokémon Platinum. I don’t exactly know to much about it but I do know a few things that is going to happen in the game. If you are interested and are willing to see future gameplay, then press “Read More”. But if not, then don’t view this. I do not want anyone to be spoiled unless its thier own will. Continue reading

209,319 hits!!!!

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Oh my…whoa. I checked my hits today and I got about 100,000 some hits!!! Awesome! I–I am speechless! I have no idea where these hits came from. This is…odd. Yesterday, I had about 75,000 hits, but such a huge jump forward…ahh…this is amazing! I’ve been wanting to make a new page, and I will do just that. Who knows, it might encourage some more people to visit.

~Shadow Luigi

Your Pokémon Team!

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Yes yes, a suggestion from Matthew Thief and Saint of Swords and a fine one at that! Here you simply fill out your Pokémon team you’ve used throughout these games below: Continue reading