Pokémon Request Center

This page you are looking at is the Pokémon Request Center. This page is to request anything from Pokémon games. This might even be considered an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pokémon page. Where to find certain items, to where to go next. Or where to catch Pokémon, to what best strategies you should use, et cetera. I do know much of these things you need but of course, I will try my best to answer your problems maturely and properly.

This page also has a second meaning; it is for people who come here and request anything they would want done to this site. So long as it isn’t overly dramatic, I will see to it that it get’s done. This page is also for Contributors and Writers.

Contributors are people who supply and donate ideas and information to Pokémon Gamer’s Blog, and Writers are people who have interesting ideas and post Article’s. If you wish to be an Author and part of our Staff on Pokémon Gamer’s Blog, overlook this page. You must also first be a valid member of WordPress.com before you can become anything.

Well there you have it, quite allot on this very page. Anything else you need to request that you just can’t seem to place here e-mail me at pokemastermj@aol.com.
Comments are open, post!

Note: This page will get wiped of it’s comments every 2 month’s to keep things fresh and in balance. Be aware.

2 Responses to “Pokémon Request Center”

  1. ya know wut stinks, i traded some jerk the other day a dusclops with reaper cloth on it hoping i would get another one in return, but it turns out his did’nt have a reaper cloth and he got a dusknoir and i wind up with a stinkin regular old dusclops,so now i have to keep trading over and over to get a dusknoir and the sad thing is i’ll be pullin the same stunt to the poor sapp that actualy has a reaper cloth equipped that that one guy did to me so now i’ll be the jerk.

  2. That certainly IS an interesting trade. Being ripped off? I’ve been, several times. If you need any help finding another Reaper Cloth, you can find one in Turn Back Cave. Well, in Diamond, I’ve been told. You have to completely course through it without going in any rooms with rocks or obstacles. Good luck with that, Andy. 🙂

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